Hey there, lovely soul! I’m Nikki, and I’m thrilled that you’ve found your way to Spiritual Gal

I’m here to help spiritual women like you live a more intentional, abundant life, filled with joy and purpose.

My spiritual journey began in 2010 after a horrible divorce. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with learning as much as I can about spirituality. I’ve devoured countless books on the law of attraction, manifestation, and meditation, and I’ve developed a deep love for everything related to crystals (I had over 100 before I moved to Germany!).

Spiritual Gal is my sacred space where I share my personal journey of rediscovery and spiritual awakening. It’s a haven for those who recognize our deep connection within this incredible Universe.

I’m all about the woo-woo and the unconventional, so you won’t find content about the Big 3 religions here. Instead, we’re diving into everything else with open hearts and minds.

So, grab a cup of tea, make yourself at home, and join me as we explore this magical journey together. I hope you find inspiration, connection, and a whole lot of love here!